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..Well, this is interesting.

But, really, what happened? *Slightly bewildered*

I just popped in for a bit, and looks like I've GOT to read that LJ announcement after all, lol. Meh

LJ, you've got new clothes? :/
Well, at least you don't look as confusing and hide-and-seek-ish as Gmail's new look- Oh wait, *hovers over comments in the thread* ah that's kinda usefu- *clicks a check* wha- poppy out thing DD8 .... Ah whatevers, this still is less crazy than Gmail's. And ooh, Cross-posting yay.

But... Will there be an official release on what's happened to LJ, or do I have to go exploring these new lands on my own to find out? ^^; Ah adventure. >_>

No Subject Lines, which isn't completely detrimental to LJ-ing, but... Well, subject lines are useful in long, long threads where from reading titles of unexpanded threads, you can distinguish which are the 'On-topic' and which are the 'off-topic' gushes of fandom squeals of "ANON, I LOVE YOU *SHOUTS SWEET NOTHINGS ACROSS THE NET*"/trololol/srs bsns documentary comments. Er, yes I am looking at you, kinkmemes. ʘ‿ʘ Apparently, wiki says this is an innocent smile. Er ok.

Is your font bigger than usual..? For some reason, your sleek look with the new font and extra spacing, kind of scares me... Oh wait, I remember why. Because I'm going to have to read text blocks of this in blogs and fanfiction and whatnot on LJ, and I don't know, this is personal but font affects the way I read it in my head sometimes xDD. Not sure why, but in this font, everyone sounds whinier in my head. xD

Lol, I can live with this because it isn't as annoying than some of Google's new stuff, but is there an off/customise option anywhere? :3

P.S. Sorry for being off-contact, some of my LJ-Buddies. Been travelling back to Asia for the hols, and now on study break.

I still want to do my fandom/beta/art stuff but sometimes, I really am busy or in the sort of stressed, head-not-quite-screwed-right mood where I know I'll miss a million things in my beta, which would suck for you...
Of those 'stuff', my current priority is finishing up my 3 entries for MT contests.

However! If there are things you really want my attention with, let me know.

P.P.S. When the page layout doesn't fully layout because of the slow net, this edit page box is flipping one-line tall. lol.
..As it says. xDD


EDIT: Uploaded it on LJ now, so you all can see. :) If you want to see the other, pink versions lol, join Minitokyo to see. xD MT's worth it anyway. :3

..click to see Yuri as Alice? lolCollapse )

Maid Alter-Egos and Plenty of Purple

Oh? Did the title attract? :3

For maid, click and read :PCollapse )

Art Doodle Dump!

It's all here!   TRALALA

I know I have many things to reply to on MT, and LJ.  So whai I go make artdump instead?  Bad, bad aozora. L(*0*)7

Sorry guys!  This was spontaneous, a response to some small drama that happened on MT.  'Cos happy art is a far more positive response to all that negative talking.  And it made a few more people happy too!  That was really good therapy.  Couldn't have had a happier time doodling than tonight.

Next time, will try to be more ambitious lololz


Sep. 24th, 2011

I wasn't aware that a game like Amnesia could get a kink meme.  

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This week, said my goodbyes and see you to warm, warm Malaysia and travelled back to uni.  And consequently, a new house.

The word 'new' strains its definition a bit.  ah heh heh.

going word-happy on a happy? house..Collapse )

Well, there's been at least one afternoon of blue sky and fresh (but not cutting) breeze.  And if I put on some rose-tinted glasses, this place could be interesting and a new experience. LOL

House-rant done!

P.S. I just really wanted to let out some steam for a bit.  I don't know how I ended up in a house where everyone else has dates to go out with/better things to do.  But.  It's a quiet household, for a not-so-quiet house (and neighbourhood).

Also, this was going to be longer with silliness over family-tv-times, and my sis and I rewatching Sesame Street and being giggly over the humour that we no-longer-kids(?) now understand, and the drama of ears that first go deaf then deafer and their journey to restoration, and  how it can get so bright and hot in a certain seaside city in Malaysia that there are shimmering mirages on the road, and how shockingly adorable my cousin's voice has become, and how my relatives' place smells eternally and strangely reassuring of light dust, chinese spices and contrasting coolness to the heat outside and -

But then just writing it out like that already makes me miss Malaysia, sun and my family even more. ;_;

P.P.S. Also, Livejournal, what are you doing to the cuts? lol ....Given how personal this entry is, wonder if it's ok to make it public. ah well *tosses it out there*

Down, But Not Beaten - Izaya Fanart

Happy birthday, forwish and dopesexundkrach  !

Have a teenage Izaya. :3 Bleeding to boot. lol

I'll disable the members-only download for now then. :)

EDIT:  I found out that non-members can't see the thumbnail, let alone the image itself. lol  So if you can't see it, GO Here
Stole book meme from darthtofu (and found out how to link LJ users here.  So slow, Aozo, so SLOW)
Bold = read ; Italic = Wanna read ; Underline = halfway/abandoned/reading

omg so many books *__* pfftCollapse )

 Just here to show this;
Happy early Birthday, Tofu. :)

Apr. 30th, 2011

Mmm, lists.
Time to make an inventory of all the mini-projects/works/fun I'm involved in. yay

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